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 The Drum Club 



The Drum Club was set up during lockdown, first edition May 2020.The idea was to give my students & players a platform to keep them engaged and passionate about drumming. Apart from my personal drum videos I do not own any of the material presented, it's all been sourced from free sites. youtube etc online. You can find all this information for free on the internet all I have done is take what I consider to be really useful content and put it all in one place for you to utilize. I've made the decision to use links to access all the articles & video content, I know it's not as visually pleasing but it does avoid any potential copyright issues that embedding video content may have. I've tried to include something for everyone of all levels as my students are currently age 7 to 24+ (beginners to degree level). I've included a video drum lesson for more advanced players showing them how to develop concepts and ideas. I've included articles, drum tuning tips, what to do with old drum skins (don't throw them away), video studio tours, recording tips, gear suggestions, drum shop links (Manchester, UK only i'm afraid), ensemble opportunities and much more. I hope this helps keep you all positive and passionate about drumming during this strange time. The Drum Club is FREE, no strings attached.

 Just sign up and enjoy!

The Drum Club

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