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What's happening in August

Here's what's happening in August. This month we have our new 'Featured Artist' page. Our first selected drummer is the one and only Peter Erskine. Peter has played the drums since the age of four and is known for his versatility and love of working in different musical contexts. He appears on 700 albums and film scores, and has won two Grammy Awards. 

On our Studio / Recording Tips page we have we have Ralph Salmins giving a masterclass in collaberation with SABIAN about how to "Improve Your Groove". Dave Weckl talks very openly about his approach to music & drumming. Lots of great advise about playing time, using backing tracks etc. Dave plays along to several tracks demonstrating many things. Really nice to see him, in such a relaxed setting. 

Mark Schulman, drummer for Pink gives us a guided tour of his personal set up, equipment choices, shows us how he maps out a drum chart and much more. At the bottom of this page i've included a link to a FREE download of 'Audacity'. This is a recording software package, why not download one of our recommended 'Play Along Tracks' and record yourself playing along. We'd love to hear from you and how you got on.

On our Articles / Interviews page we have Stanton Moore talking about 'The Basic Rebound Stroke', this is the first stroke you should be taught as a beginner, but I'm sure however taught you didn't even go there. Here Stanton explains the basic concepts and do's and don't, if you are unaware of this stroke you should be. The rules of practice by Thomas Lang, this is a great article explaining the difference between Practise and Playing. For the more advanced players we have a new Youtube clip from Bruce Becker explaining some of the more Advanced Strokes used when learning the 'Moeller Technique'. If you are serious about drumming I do recommend you study this in more detail. 

What to do with your old drum skins and how to make your drums quieter. I'm guessing that during lockdown your drums have been receiving a bit more abuse than usual so here is an article on how to change your drum skins. I've included a few links to drum tuning videos - one by Russ Miller another great studio drummer and one by Drumeo. You'll see that both have a similar approach to tuning, all good starting points for the less experienced players. This month I've featured Peter Erskine one of the most versatile players in the business. I've included a YouTube clip from a 4 part series by Vic Firth just giving you a little more in site into his brush playing and approach.

As usual we have our 'Play Along Tracks' page for you to access various FREE play along tracks through multiple links. We have our Ensembles page giving you advise about what to consider when joining a Band / Group and you'll have your 'Monthly 'Video Drum Lesson' by myself Charlie Ashby. This month I'll be talking about 'Swing Time'.

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I hope you're all safe and well.
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